it continues

the snow

just won’t stop.

flakes have been gently falling for two days

with a big 50 mph wind storm due to hit day after tomorrow

IMG_8701cropand drop over a foot more snow.

it was fun at first,

but has long since lost its charm.

so what do i do when

grey skies and blizzard warnings are


i block knit things.  truth.

because this weather gets my forced hot air furnace

in full swing and things soaked and pinned today will be ready to go tomorrow.


that kind of progress makes me feel

like taking a look out the windows

and still seeing

white snow on the roof of my neighbor’s white painted house under the grey white sky,

might just be bear-able.

(although it does make me growl a bit.)

‘truth’ taken from 13:6 in first corinthians.

 ‘allure fiber wash‘ courtesy of bijou basin ranch.

note: you know me and the strength of my convictions.

i am not one to be swayed by a little free bottle of fiber wash.

end result?  i really did like this stuff.  a lot.