i have been wanting to introduce you

to harrisville design’s new yarn ‘flywheel’.

this sport weight is so sweet

to work with and

the tweediness is spectacular.

today, harrisville blogged and said everything

that i thought i wanted to say.

so, you can simply check out the details

in their post over here.

caryn-scanlan-talitha001‘today’ taken from 6:11 of matthew.

photo by caryn of caryn scanlan photography.

round and round again

stockinette stitch is flexible.

that’s one of the great things about it.

it drapes, it stretches, it organically curls at the edges,

IMG_3714cropbut can it also be strong and firm and stand straight?

that was the question on my mind

when the seed of an idea

for the ‘sirkel’ cowl

started to grow

in my head.

the thinking went something like this:

if folded hems are strong, thick and lay flat,

IMG_3704shine(which they are)

then, a circular folded hem big enough around to be

worn like a cowl would stand tall

all on its own, right?

one ring wouldn’t be very interesting though…

could two be worn together of different sizes?

and what ifIMG_3667crop

they were connected,

without having to stitch seams,

to each other or


partially connected

so there was still room for them to move a bit?

ok, that works in my head, now will it really work?

IMG_5580frontthat’s when the ruler and scissors

came out to cut a little

fleece and see.

sure enough, it worked.

it could all be knit in one piece

with a few

edges for folding upon

and some three needle bind-offs

to separate the two rings.

ta-da! it’s sirkel.

‘edges’ taken from 19:9 of leviticus.

good, bad and just because

short hair is

so great, except when it’s not.

those of you with short hair know exactly what i mean.

for those of you who don’t,

i’ll give a quick review on ‘bedhead’.

the more short strands of hair on any given head,

the more likely that in the simple act of sleeping

these strands will meet the pillow in an off-kilter way

producing what my kids lovingly call

‘mama’s morning hair’.

when i had longer hair, the sheer weight of the length of it

would pull sleep related quirkiness straight after a short time awake and vertical.

with short hair, this is not the case.

some times (emphasis on ‘some’), a little water and

a brush will smooth things out,

but my hair is nothing if not stubborn

so more often throwing on a great knit hat

is the best way to go.

but, in the warmer weather, a hat is too much.

irregardless, bad hair days persist through the summer months.'asheville' (1) courtesy of feel good yarn companyasheville‘ is my cure

for turning every warm and sunny day

into a good hair day

or for adding that added extra touch of pizazz

for any old day that the mood strikes me.

the lycra in the silverspun pulls the stitches in just enough

to keep your bad hair secret safe

and the cotton is dreamy soft.

for those of you who have enviably good hair days consistently:

first, don’t tell me who you are

because it will make it hard for me to continue to like you.

second, the ‘asheville’ pattern includes a longer version

that can be worn as a breezy scarf.

because, although i am

a bit jealous,

people with good hair should have nice knit things, too.

‘envy’ taken from 14:30 of proverbs.

photo courtesy of feel good yarn company.  photographer: caro sheridan


one day i

saw this great pic

(i think it was on etsy)

of crochet fingerless gloves.

what caught my eye was the horizontal thumb holes.

98e0f81ebe0e658983cde961b084f17clowerhalfthe thought that an elogated buttonhole could work for a thumb,

led me to leap onto an entirely different train of thought.

it meant sleekness (which i love).

it meant that a stitch pattern could be uninterrupted (which i love).

it meant no fussy shaping for a knitter to get bogged down in (which i love).

all that was holding me back from knitting some up

IMG_4066cropwas the matter of how to not lose

the elegance of the simplicity

when adding curves,

because loose, ill-fitting gloves

i really don’t love.

the lycra in the mix of silverspun

easily solved that lingering dilemma.

so i sketched (albeit badly)

and swatched,

and submitted

and waited

and thanks to feel good yarn company,

carrboro became real.

IMG_4797crop2the look book for the full ‘simply silver’ collection can be found here.

the patterns are each sold individually.

‘waited’ taken from 8:10 of genesis.

‘water under the sky’

the summer i was fourteen years old,

i spent two weeks immersed at language camp.

IMG_4170cropthis meant only french

spoken, all the time.

the thing is,

most of us campers

knew very little french.

we’d whisper

in english

in our bunks at night

or behind

the counselors’ backs

trying to stave off

the deep feelings of homesickness

that were only intensified by the language gap.

in an effort to connect IMG_4158

(and to calm us down),

our cabin leader ingrid

would quietly sit


while she brushed

our hair until it shined.

she would then

do different

braids each day.

french braids (of course),

dutch braids, pigtail braids and my favorite, fishtail braids.

four of us had long hair then and became known for our daily locks.

we loved our matching braids and we ate up the attention.

IMG_4173shadewe were so far

from home and from

our own sweet mamas.

even now,


make me feel hugged.

this piece

of my history

is the inspiration

for today’s

new pattern.

‘water under the sky’ feels to me like a warm hug around the neck

and the fishtail braids are like emotional comfort food.IMG_4165sat

don’t you dare let

the braids scare you.

there are clear

step by step directions.

if you want more,

fishtail braiding

is easy to find

on youtube,

and tomorrow you can

to enter to win

enough yarn to knit and braid, your own ’emotional comfort’.

see you then…

1st and 3rd pics: julie asselin’s ‘yotta’.

‘water under the sky’ taken from 1:9 in genesis.

2nd and 4th pics: camaj fiber arts ‘boheme sari ribbon yarn’.

‘corner of the roof’

this is a favorite proverb of mine:

“better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife”.

you better believe it.

when i start to feel all snarly and discontent

i remind myself of this.

no man of mine is gonna wish he was on the roof.

when i think of a roof,

i think of a pagoda.  no idea why.

the new england roofs of my childhood are nothing like them.

i’ve never even seen one in real life.

still, that’s what comes to mind at the mention of the word.

amazingly intricate and interesting.

442-5247B-B-R18Ai was aiming to capture

both of these things in this new cuff design.

the way the increasing creates a textural ‘x’

across the top of the square is pagoda-like to me.

IMG_4373crop27do you see it?

now that roofy-ness on my arm

is a good reminder to take a deep breath and be grateful

no matter what.  and always.

pagoda pic from

‘corner of the roof’ taken from 25:24 in proverbs.