i guess he told me

i was taking just a moment on the couch

to glance through the new vogue knitting (spring/summer 2015).

i have just read page twenty-two,

when my four year old finds me.

‘mama’, he says,’can i see?’

‘of course’,

i say, as i spread the magazine out onto the paint table.

‘who’s this?’IMG_8888dar(he is pointing to the zealana model at the very top of page twenty-three).

‘that’, i say, ‘is someone

who wants you to see the knitting she is wearing

and smile because you and she both know that you could knit the same thing for yourself.’

‘i like that, mama.  what is this place?’IMG_8889dar(he is pointing to the inside of lys ‘string theory’)

‘that is the inside of a yarn shop’, i tell him.

‘i think that her friends are in thereIMG_8890darand she should go find them.  right here!’

(he is pointing to the front door of string theory yarn company.)

what can i do except to nod my head and smile?

because i think he is

absolutely right.

‘finds’ taken from 119:162 of the psalms.

kennebec blue and olive

a few months ago,

kelly (of romney ridge farm in maine)

sent me four colors of her new downeast worsted.

we had agreed that i would take the idea of frost farm

on beals island off the maine coast

and capture some of the

memories of her childhood in a hat and mitten set.

my son, upon seeing the yarn, had his own ideas.

‘this,’ my boy told me, ‘is for the bright scarf

that you will make me so i can never get lost’IMG_5721‘and this one, do you see it?,’

IMG_5722‘this one,’ he continued, ‘will be my new coat.  i like green.’IMG_5723‘mama, you can make me a sweater in this one, right?

i want you to. it will be so warm.’IMG_5724‘don’t you think these two will be a nice hat?’IMG_5725‘pay attention, mama.  like this, see?’IMG_5726‘they will look so good together.  can you have it all done by tomorrow?’IMG_5727then he happily headed off to ride his bike up and down

his grandparent’s driveway,

leaving me and my thoughts and all the yummy yarn.

being 4, he quickly forgot what he’d asked for

which is good since

4 skeins of yarn wasn’t nearly enough for the plans

he outlined to me

and they were already earmarked to become

the frost farm hat and mittens.

for more of



check out

kelly’s blog post here.

‘island’ taken from 40:15 of isaiah.

a few of my favorite things (today)

so much to do today.

focused all morning on the inbox and to-do bin

(yes, i said ‘bin’.  a list is no longer cutting it).

despite the busy, these three things made me smile.

thought you might need an ‘end of a monday’ smile, too.

first, the seed beads i bought

from bead biz at the new england fiber fest.

such cheery colors (and the matte finish on the czech glass beads rocks).IMG_7503 satnext, my dad playing photographer

in the backyard trying to get all six of us

to smile and keep our eyes open at the same time.

not an easy task i tell ya.for trey for turkey projectnote: my 8 yr old informed me, after the fact, that he intentionally

grinned wider and stuck his chin up high

to see what it would look like.

what’s a mama to do?

lastly, this super fun homegrown video.

it is the best lyric video i think i’ve ever seen.

i wouldn’t usually be a fan of such a pop flavored tune.

maybe my 15 year old’s taste

in music

is affecting me.

it’s just so stinkin’ catchy though,

that it’s stuck in my head and i just don’t even care,

because i’m happy,

clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…

 ‘wider’ taken from 11:7-9 of job.


today i aimed for contentment

and the kind of peace that makes you want to smile

until your face sticks that way.

i know that you know what i mean.IMG_6604cropthere have been lots of obstacles:

burps, bumps, glitches and various other potholes,

but i’m stubborn enough to have kept at it.

now, as the day winds down

i am exhausted,

but happy.

happy in a ‘i wouldn’t trade this for anything’ kind of way

even though it was rough at multiple points and i’m dirt tired.

who, by the way, could be cranky looking at this face?

IMG_6603cropor those crazy beautiful ‘why do boys get all the good ones’ lashes?

current score: the wednesday that tried to break me = 0

me = 1

‘tired’ taken from 40:30 of isaiah.